Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can butter addiction occur

Can butter addiction occur, or is just another calorie driven, psychological craven, compulsion driven urge?

Milk, in the raw form digestion causes a weak opioid peptide to form, likely to assist the young to feed. That is a protein, so does that opioid get concentrated in modern butter?

When I took butter back into my diet, it was a fat, and it did not call to me. Now it is calling, as are nuts. Perhaps I should eliminate butter and take up some starches. There is no real facts to work with. Lots of opinion, but no facts. If it is a bacteria driven conversion to opioid, it would make sense that as the bacteria ratio changes due to eating butter, the concentration of opioid bacteria could increase and cause a problem. The hunger, and craving could be bacterial in nature, a real cause. Perhaps a few days of no fats could remove the problem.

Or is it just an appetite stimulus?


  1. perhaps you should switch to ghee -- i understand the proteins have been pretty effectively removed from that. or coconut oil....


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