Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yoni missed the mark

But getting sugar and acellular carbohydrates, manufactured editable products out of our diet will improve health and our weight. As we abandon the big food lies, big pharma, big medicine, our health returns. If you doubt Gary, just get sugar, acellular carbohydrates and manufactured editable products out and watch your life transform.

The method of establishing food and human knowledge may be sloppy (not consistent), but so is the data that we work with, as is the conversion of food to ATP. The human bodies have different rates of conversion of different foods to energy. Atwater through out 1/2 of his data. Kevin Halls data has spread, standard deviation of 0.5 on normalized data. It is equivalent to herding cats.

We human animals need to learn to live in our modern environment, that is changing incredible rapidly.  These are philosophic changes, changes in out thinking, and decisions, our actions. These will not follow the governments directions, but come one at a time, by word of mouth, as one person at a time reaches out, understands and takes the necessary steps to recover from obesity.

I started work in a "new field" and retired as it become obsolete. I see entire products come and go in a few years. We human animals must learn to adapt to that speed of change, even if adaptation means shunning the new, and returning to the old ways.

Acellular carbohydrates- carbohydrates without cells- processed grains, processed or cooked carbohydrate rich foods which the processing, cooking has ruptured the cells, and some fruits that have no cells to contain the carbohydrates.

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  1. bravo, Fred! :-) YF's article brought out the nutritional rebel in me, too....


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