Tuesday, September 25, 2012

commercial prepared foods

I was out yesterday, and the day got away from me... long... time for lunch. So I wheeled into Safeway, got a bit of beef and bean salad... reasonable lunch... or so I thought. An hour later I was ravenously hungry... WTF.

Well, I have been eating fresh vegs and protein for lunch, so I did not think the quantities were out to much. But hunger what, not enough fat? but is it the sugar in bean salad?

It was about 150 grams, slightly more than a cup. Now how much sugar could it have? If we take sugar and vinegar and make a paste about as thick as the drippings, it is mostly sugar. So that is what is going on. Sugar and vinegar, not good for the diet or hunger.

I note that glucose and fructose can be absorbed at the rate of about 10 to 12 grams per minute... duh... that is 5 to 6 complete blood glucose exchanges, Sugar is 50% glucose, about 1 gram of glucose in the blood, so it is leaving the blood equally as fast. That take a lot of insulin. So when the sugar runs out, there is excess insulin, but why does it last so long?

No more prepared foods for me.

The other issue is doing a project that I have no interest in is not good. No enthusiasm makes the day long. Oh well, this could be the last of those, and it will soon be finished. Now what?

I thought when I retired, I would have lots to keep me busy, but along with the work went the desire to do much. Not what I expected. Today, I just do not care to do anything.

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