Friday, September 21, 2012


Exorphins are a group of chemicals that occur in food naturally or may be added which mimic endorphins, the pleasure hormone. In short, we like them, we want more of them, we crave more of them, we will seek them out, and consume them. We have little choice once we start. They come with a heavy dose of attached calories. Now, not everyone are susceptible to the same doses. Many of of us heavy people may be (are) hypersensitive to these.

Some food scientist recognised this and started to add these as flavour enhancers, and what do we have but people who act like they are addicted to specific foods. One is not enough. Cookies hold hands. Lay's potato chips use the marketing slogan, " I bet you cannot eat just one."

But there are also naturally occurring exorphins, in wheat, dairy products, nuts, chocolate, and likely elsewhere.   These are substances that no one trying to get lighter should be consuming. Could these be one of the causes of the obesity epidemic?

Kris has the what figured out but not the why, or he is not saying.


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