Monday, September 17, 2012


orexin, the appetite hormone?


  1. what i'd like to know is, do other molecules imitate it, in the body! does it have competitors -- that kind of thing! interesting stuff....

  2. does it have competitors

    yes ... Leptin

  3. do other molecules imitate it...

    yes... it is a peptide, so some protein will digest into orexin and orexin like... perhaps wheat (glutin group)...nuts...

  4. sorry -- i missed that, reading too fast the first time. since, as Kindke says, leptin secretion is encouraged by glucose going the lipogenesis route in adipocytes, i would expect to be more hungry than i am, having little to compete with the orexin. however, my VLC diet seems to suppress appetite quite a bit, and the ghrelin which SHOULD "activate" the orexin is in lower supply and my rock-steady blood sugar inhibits it too. (thinking out loud here....)

    VERY interesting indeed, Fred -- thanks!


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