Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Rant warning. I am nobody, I sell nothing. Only opinion expressed hear.

Can you believe a over weight dietitian / nutrition person? Not in respect to weight loss unless they want to be fat, or are flaunting a current progressive weight loss condition.

Weight loss recovery requires desire to lose weight, willingness to do what is necessary, which includes eating a diet that does not stimulate appetite or hunger, and then reducing the total consumption to less than burn. That is just the accounting. We need exercise to burn the fat, without stimulating hunger. We need motivation. We need to avoid temptation. We need to avoid evil foods, sugars, grains, seed oils, exorphins.

We need to understand that the only acceptable reason to eat is fuel for our bodies. Social pressure, habit, taste sensations are not acceptable reasons. Any profession who does not generally concur is just blowing wind to keep his/her income, not offering real assistance to the obese to recover. Yes, there are things the obese do not want to hear, but that is their problem. To meet the buddha test, it must be true, and helpfully told, their liking is not of note. We can not use it in a hurtful way. But is also unethical to sell false testimony, knowing or unknowingly.

Assuming a relatively healthy person, it comes down to essentially energy intake after minerals, vitamins, and necessary fats are accounted for. Set the protein level, the carbohydrate level, and then set the fat as low as is practical. If you are lose, you are eating less that you are burning. Calories are sloppy measurement, just like a serving, what ever that is.

If you do not think exorphins are not addicting, you have never looked at the effects. The food flavour sales guys guarantee 30 percent increase in sales.

Obesity is a slow killer, not quick like drugs. The speed of the kill is irrelevant. But consider diabetes. It is carbohydrate intolerance, and it kills.

Enough rant, over.   I will delete your link.

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  1. lol -- i came to the same conclusion, when i read her post! i'm not sure what her goal is in blogging.... i can agree with Sharma that good health can be had at higher weights, but i'm not sure her 40+ bmi could fit in that category! and "feeling good" about being a plus-size person is only reasonable if one's health IS all right!


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