Sunday, October 7, 2012

Canola Oil

Some of the canola oil is better than cheap olive oil. There is issues with olive oil being diluted and extended because it is a scarce commodity.  Canola oil, on the other hand is in search of more markets, especially the chemical extracted variety's.

Eatable canola oil from cold press is more reliable good than olive oil we buy at the supermarket. To test your oil, just keep it in the fridge. Mono will pour, pufa will not. Sorry, Other way around, eat the solids simple. Test before you yelp. Some is good, some less so, just like olive oil off the shelf. Consider Harvest Gold.

But using the fridge my be unreliable as Harvest Gold canola oil does not seperate, but becomes jelly like, viscous, at lower temperature.

and sharma on chioce , he understand but does not belief in low carb as a partial solution.

Follow Jimmy, after the rules.


  1. I believe pufa will pour, mono will not when refrigerated if I'm not mistaken. You may be interested in reading this post at Mark's Daily Apple:

  2. right. I wrote it backwards. Eat the solids, through out the liquids, or use it for steam oil, if you happen to have a reciprocating steam engine.

  3. i have an extra problem with canola, being a hypothyroid: the lectins in rapeseed are deleterious to us -- it's not as much about the MUFA/PUFA ratio.

  4. In Alberta, there are two derogatory terms that just show ignorance: rapeseed and tarsands. We just stop listening when we here them. Rape is a old plant, Canola in a subspecies of brassica that produces edible oils. Canola is not Rape. Different plant, different look. Cold pressed contains few lectins. Rape is not fit for human consumption. Canola is.

  5. i've been misled, then -- what seed IS canola made from?

  6. Canola. Brassica campestris. It is a mustard looking plant, like broccoli gone to seed. It is a open source seed.

    It is often confused with LEAR (for low erucic acid rapeseed) Brassica juncea, which is GMO from monsanto. Not an open source seed, but a monsanto only product, which must be chemically extracted to get good yields.


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