Thursday, October 25, 2012

No exorphins Diet

After some review, the diet that comes the closes to no exorphins is Maffetone, and Harcombe is close, just needs a few tweaks. Harcombe has some interesting features. Meals are either carb based or fat based, and may not be combined. If the meat is fatty, then no carb rich foods, if you want carbs, then no fatty foods. That reatly reduces meal size and palatability  Grains other than rice and oats are outlawed. Carbs are limited to about 200 calories, once per day, so a potato, medium should be ok. Tweak required to Harcombe.  It does allow a few things that are not good unless you can eat them and maintain, yoghurt and processed meats. Both teach about food effects and reasons, which is essential.

Now that we have too many food choices, we need to learn about the food to be able to make good choices. It is information that is critical and short in the press. Some is just wrong. The US society thinks that anybody can sell anything to anybody. That is just wrong. It is unethical to sell, to those who do not know what they are buying, something that is not good for them. This of course supposes    that the seller knows, which is doubtful. The rule therefore is we should not eat it unless we know what it is and where it came from. Whole real food is about what that leaves.

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