Saturday, October 13, 2012

eating / overeating Another one looking at a fine tree in the forest, but is one of the small ones. The penny has yet to drop.


What drives me to eat?

  • Hunger
  • Hunger, gnawing
  • Good tasting poisons --- Reward Theory 
What drives me to overeat?
  • "munches" -- endocannabinoids and exocannabinoids
  • Excessive appetite --- Exorphins in addition to endorphins
  • Carbohydrate addiction like --- insulin resistance / energy partitioning / high insulin, glucose locked in storage, not available
  • Compulsion
Solution: Remove overeating; 
  • no endocannabinoid components, (glucoses, omega 6 oils); 
  • No exorphins, wheat, barley, rye, cheese, butter, dairy, chocolate, alcohol; 
  • LCHF
  • Schwartz  
but what do I know. I am only down 50+ kgs, and struggling to hold.
Perverseness is the key to recovery process / maintenance.

You can play around with the causes of eating all you want, but that is a very minor part of the problem. You go ahead and understand the little pieces. You can set as many dead end paths as you like.

The first step is a philosophical change that allows recovery, and then following a diet that this human body can follow day in and out until recovery arrives.

In an earlier exchange you told me that it is your reward theory that drives us, and it may be at the root, but reward theory is a negative term, and it suggests that we have control. No one I know has control of the munches when they strike. You can sell research all you want, but you are not part of the solution to my obesity problem. You may be part of the understanding as to why rat get fat, but not part of my obesity solution yet. It must be expressed in positive actions before it is of use to me.  Anyone has the right to believe any idiotic thing they want. Good bye.

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