Thursday, November 1, 2012

Attitude Change

Tess's comment got me thinking about yesterdays rant a bit more.

My attitude, when I was not working on the weight was always "the other factor" in my obesity (beyond SGO6EE). I expect that this will be found to be true in the future. There is a problem with the "we can do whatever we set our mind to" attitude, when it comes to life and weight. We humans like food a bit to much, likely a gene based characteristics. This attitude, combined with abundance of food in general, sugar, starches, seed oils and exorphins has led to the obesity problem. As long as the greed, self driven, and belligerent, non teachable attitude remains, the weight will remain. Is obesity the unintended consequence of  the "we can do whatever we set our mind to" attitude being carried too far?

The world will knock sense into us, if it does not kill us first. When we are young, we can carry the weight. As we get older, however, our joint take a lot of damage, Glycination of cartilage, and need to be unloaded. That simple. It has to become food is for energy only, not other reasons for consumption. As long as we are blindly driven, neither looking calmly backwards, and considering the next move forward, we are doomed to carry on, without change. Yes, reflection is required. Now is the only time we can change. The future is changed in the now.

We cannot use food to overcome the low energy, to get the last bit of "awakeness" out of the day. We need to accept enough, and lay down. The difference between "adequate rest" and "well rested" for me is about 1.5 hours per day. Greed and drive wants that time to "produce", which, as I consider, is largely wasted on this generations the current thief of time, the internet and/or TV.

It comes to priories. I must have clear priories. Wasting my time on the unteachable belligerent "full speed ahead" group does not make the cut.

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