Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spreadbury got me going. It is not a single cause that brought about the obesity, but a combination.

When I read back in the summer, I read and concluded that acellular carbohydrate was a good term to describe the sugar, grains, and manufactured editable carbage available everywhere.

But all that ignores the other problems, the change in philosophy necessary for recovery and those other problems. A quote that got me going follows:

”If Spreadbury is right, the obesity solution is straightforward.”
is just so wrong I don’t know where to start.
My comments:

But, but…. when we know the solution, and live the solution, it all seems so simple…. Essentially, the solution is a Paleo-ist diet, perhaps even low carb paleo template, no exorphins, no acellular carbohydrate, no endocannabinoids components… simple… not easy. For a individual to take up the life style,- a philosophical change must happen -, if they have the desire, interest, energy, it works. For society as a whole, not so easy. In reality, the lifestyle must be sold to the individuals, one at a time.

It is the philosophical change that must first happen to be able to follow a LCHF paleo food plan. Without that, it will not work. Willingness to follow, willingness to believe without argument, the willingness to become teachable, are essential. Addressing just acellular carbohydrates is only one of the obesity issues. Appetite stimulation from exorphins is a big one as well, as is those pesty endocannabinoids over stimulation of “the munchies” are seperate issues. The only way is to understand these and have the philosophical change necessary for recovery to a near normal weight.

We need to test it on ourselves, and see what actually works. Enough fat intake to avoid hunger is difficult when all that is available is lean meat. Big issue. We need enough fat, and not so much protein. Bacon sort of ratios, protein to fat. We need to be mellow enough to avoid resentments, stress, and agitation. For today philosophy can help. Day tight compartments, and part day tight compartments, to avoid spill over of work issues into the evening and next day, a Carnegie concept, is useful. Remaining teachable is another big one, yet fixed in attitude enough to understand what others are saying without adapting. 

We also need enough fat until our insulin decreases, to avoid the second level gnawing hunger that does not go away. The first stage hunger goes away.  There are many things that I have learned in this weight struggle. Some day I should put all these together, as Jimmy Moore has, and I would need to add a few more. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before.


  1. [nodding] i saw your comment on the Satiety site, and observed she wasn't "getting it".... all these docs seem to think that ONE big answer is going to show up, and all one has to do it fix that, and everything bad goes away -- but NO. as you say, there are layers of problematic foods and IDEAS that have to peeled away, one after the next, to reach health and truth.

    "We need to be mellow enough to avoid resentments, stress, and agitation" ... but then we read stupid stuff, and up goes the BP again! ;-) this is why i don't read Stephan or Evelyn....

  2. Exactly. Anyone has the right to believe any idiotic thing they want to. I do not care what they believe or think. I do not need to have an opinion on them, or their beliefs. No stress generated, only acceptance, and I know that I am right for me.


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