Monday, October 22, 2012

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Note that a study was cancelled after 11 years. 45 to 70 years olds, one group were told to diet and exercise, harassed about diet and exercise, many DM t2, and the other group was just monitored. The group with just monitoring did better. Could this say the diet advices was wrong?

added later

Perhaps the diet advice should be eat fats. Not to much. Do not eat processed food, sugar, grains, seed oils, exorphins. But then they and the subjects would need to figure out what was in the food. Oh dear, the fear of learning, study, effort, change, confusion, fear of mathematics (Arithmophobia), etc.  They would need a ten dollar food scales, and a six dollar calculator, and a two dollar note pad. The cost!! The time!! (less TV) and the cost eating real food (less than processed food), but the cooking!!

Well on Saturday night, I went out and had a Chief salad that had a big bunch or cheese and processed meats. I lost weight before eating those, so although I expected some exorphins, I though it would be tolerable. What I could do just a few years ago, I cannot now. Is it the clean eating or just age and growing sensitivity? The craving came back sever.

Age increasing sensitivity and increasing sensitivity due to reduced intake are both expected. It is like the other side of Bernstein's law of  small numbers, the effect of a standard dose is larger if the halibut level is less, that is to say 1 in 4 is 25%, 1 in 20 is 5%, but one is the standard dose and 4 or 20 the halibut use level. Age it's self  will have an effect, but how does one seperate the two?


  1. got a good chuckle out of the arithmophobia ... you're RIGHT!

    somehow, trying to eat right in a LC way in restaurants always seems to backfire on me! there are obviously "forbidden" ingredients hiding where i don't expect them. :-( then it takes a couple of days to get back in the swim of things....

  2. -the cafeteria at work is what gets me every time. Today I watched them prepare a stir-fry that I thought would be "safe": nope- I watched him pour about
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil (probably canola)heated in the pan, add in 2-3 oz beef, 1 cup veggies and probably abut 2-3 tablespoons teriyaki sauce (containing MSG & HFCS no doubt). I asked for a small amount of rice and was given about 1 1/2 cups (of which I ate maybe 4 bites)...can anyone say SGO6EE?


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