Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jimmy Learned

I already knew too much protein did not work well for me.

Not enough fat leads to hunger, but exorphins issue make butter and cheese not a good idea. It takes effort to get enough fat. Bacon fried greens with lard for lunch.

I tried the urine strip, but gave up with pinks.

Too much food is always a problem. In my most successful weight loss period, I was having coffee for breakfast, a side salad for lunch with Strange Range Thousand Islands (Jimmy was the cook), and either a chief salad or chicken Caesar for supper. I was also so busy that there was no time to think. Such was life on the road at that time... building road in the north.

Blood sugar should stabilize with any low carb diet, but maybe I do eat to much sugars. Aka ketchup, HP sauce. 

Thanks Jimmy, for reminding me of those lessons.

and artificial sweetners

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