Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No Exorphins Diet

If I were to call myself an obesity recovery researcher, could I create and promote a exorphin free diet, with the hope of keeping myself on it? By the exobese for the exobese. Tough row to hoe. But perhaps that is what is necessary, plant garden, potatoes and hoe.

What would the diet look like: Maffetone, fresh fish, meat, poultry. No grains, beans, dairy, cheese, processed meats in the loss phase.
Vegetables, all kinds, but watch the volume of roots.

Perhaps a few safe starches on maintenance days, perhaps one in three days, or every second day. A cyclical diet, maintenance and loss days, no cheat or refeed days. Extreme changes may be easier to maintain then moderation of the existing diet. 

Some quantities would be necessary. No fruit in the weight loss stage. No added fats, other than for raw food palatability, aka salad dressings. Limited condiments with sugar or grains.  Water, tea, or coffee to drink. No sodas of any kind.

Willingness to follow, to be teachable, and learn about food properties. No arthmophobics, for we need to know all the properties of food to fix our diet, else we are just guessing.

Some daily exercise, weekly resistance training. Man was not designed to sit for eight hours in a day.

Is it doable, yes, I have been doing it. Set carbs, proteins, and adjust fats to as low as practical for weight loss. Crunch the numbers when necessary to get your "new habits" sized.

Any ideas or buy in?

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