Thursday, October 25, 2012

Appetite Drive

What drives appetite?

I can say without an doubt that it is driven chemically / hormonal and possible cerebrally as well. The cerebral is not capable of over coming the chemical motivation; therefore the chemical must be addressed before the cerebral can come in to play.

Each of at least seven circuits, for the lack of a better word, must be satisfied.

  • leptin
  • insulin
  • adrenalin / cortisol 
  • serotonin
  • dopamine
  • opioid 
  • unknowns
To much or to little of any one will cause problems. These have two sources, internal or external. for example Exorphins / endorphins. To balance we need to not consume anything that will tiger production or contains those chemicals, for the lack of a better word.  

Now that is the trick.  But there are meals that work, and are reasonable in calories. The sum of the calories must also be less than we burn on average. This is a lot of unknown, and some of those unknowns are likely unknown unknowns. 

No SGO6EE, and Harcombe style meals are nice. There is not the low glycogen of  true HFLC, but my total calories are still deficient, with one low fat/carb meal per day. Total carbs from those 200 or so calories = 50 grams starches plus a few more each day, and it is still a low carb diet, less than 100, compared to SAD at 300 grams refined.

OH well, shit happens.

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