Friday, October 19, 2012

Exorphin Issue

Endorphins are natural produced internal "like" signals, and signal the desire for more. The receptors become damped with use, and take time to clear. While the receptors are damped, it takes more to reach the same level of sanitisation.

Enter exorphins, the foreign source of equivalent to endorphins, all the receptors know is we like, we want more. Our food intake becomes instantly in excess of need. Our food intake is being encouraged beyond our need, by the exorphins. We soon start to store fat, and the insulin driven storage starts. We begin to overeat because we are getting fat, in-addition to the exorphin driven desire.

The repair is to remove all (most) exorphins from our food intake. A1 - caseins, and gladin peptide are two of the naturally occurring exorphins. But wait, the food science guys saw another use of these, to increase sales. These are being used as flavour enhancers, and are being added to processed food and even "pink slime", aka finely ground meats. Therefore any processed meat, any processed food will likely have exorphins to encourage consumption.

Where does this leave us? No processed foods, whole food diet, harcome, Paleo, low carb or not.


  1. Thank you for this information, until stumbling upon your blog I had not heard of endorphins & exorphins related to specific foods...and this seems to make so much sense in light of my food/eating addiction & the foods that trigger my binges & compulsive eating (Sugar, grain, nuts, artificial sweeteners-so far I only notice a problem with dairy if it is sweetened).

  2. p.s.
    anything containing MSG also triggers hunger & cravings

  3. Hi Kim:

    I had not heard of much until I started digging around in 2008. I printed a read many papers, and found there is a profound lack of real nutrition/food information in the press, but a lot on the net. This process relieved me of many pounds of excess weight. All the food you have named contain exorphins. That is one of those E in No SGO6EE. MSG, all the sweetners, gluten group or proteins, gladin specifically, sugars, dairy, wheat etc.
    I now consider exorphins added to processed foods on of the leading causes of obesity, equal or above sugar.

  4. when we systematically note what causes trouble, then look up reasons why it might happen, it's amazing how much useful (and truly helpful) information we can collect -- we not-medically-educated folks! kinda makes me mad that people who SHOULD have a grasp on it, and tell the world about it, DON'T!

  5. So true, I frequently have to let go of my grief (saddness & anger) that I did not understand this even 10 or 20 years ago- ah well, at least there is today...

  6. yeah...Duncan didn't say that, it was me....


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