Monday, October 15, 2012


After we get rid of the causes of overeating, No SGO6EE, it is totally calories, and mainly fat calories, since we should be about 280 C of protein, and less than 200 C of carbs. Now that is not to say 3500C/pound of fat, but that number varies from person to person, by a about 25%. (see K. Hall), but for me the weight loss once slightly ketonic was direct relation to calories for about 1 year, at an average loss of about 5 kg/month. Then I quit monitoring and gained.     

I tested myself at about 600 C/day for a few days. After a few days of a fast, my volitional energy  really dropped. I could not get myself to exert myself, but could walk. I think it is the voluntary portion that drops. And if we feel like doing less, we do less.

When I was weighing food and computing calories on all foods with a CD greater than 0.1 C/gm, the stalls were explained with just calories. Without computing calories with CD and a scales, consumption can be +30% of estimated. Fat is the hardest to estimate. It leaks out of food and stays on the plate, in cooking utensils, and similar. It is difficult to get enough without dairy and seed oils.

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  1. Kim H said
    Hello Fred- I just stummbled upon your Philosophy of Weightloss Blog (by way of Tess's Paleo Journey) and wanted to let you know I really like your ideas! I've been lowcarb eating since April, 2011 and have lost about 30 lbs (+/- about 5 lbs depending on where I am). I appreciate your writing about the complexities of eating/food addiction/obesity/etc. I do believe low carb is the healthiest way to eat and a big piece of the puzzle, but I also know I have real addictions to foods and to eating itself...anyway, wanted to let you know I'm appreciating what you're writing and I have many of the same thoughts/feelings about the POWL- (:


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