Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ban Exorphins

I am at peace with the world, as I look out into the falling snow, between me and the spruce trees, on this gray day. I know that we obese and exobese are just the canaries in the world, the leading edge of what is to come with the obesity endemic. We are the most sensitive to exorphins. The toe of the bell curve, Normal distribution, while the overweight are the middle of the curve and the thin just the other toe.

I am willing to do what is necessary today to overcome this issue, that is to not intake any processed food, wheat, or dairy products. A paleoish diet, or low carb, Maffetone, Harcombe, or even No White, or Pre 1900, any of those go along way as they are very low in exorphins. It is those mad food sciences, and the flavour enhancers that make clear the solution: Avoid all exorphins, natural and manufactured. These are appetite stimulus, and drive the chemical addiction or addiction like process that is at the root of the problem. Sugar and wheat are the two big that firsts must go. Insulin and blood sugar deal downstream, and may also provide a driver.

Harcombe has advantages in not combining fat and carbohydrates make each not very palatable, just foods.

I could call myself an obesity recovery researcher, and carry on writing, but I see willingness to follow a low exorphin diet for the remainder of my life is something that will require work, but I can do it for today. I have identified my problem. I know my solution, now all that is required is that I test it for a long time on myself, and sell the idea to others.

Overeating may also produces exorphins. There is suggestion of this in several places, but nobody has stated that yet. Oh well, more research needed.

Exorphins and endorphins drive appetite. That is the key piece. We cannot do much about endorphins, but elimination of exorphins is the first step.

Exogenous opioid peptides, gluten exorphins A5 and B5, drive postprandial insulin level up in animals  and is assumed to do so in human. On individuals tested, it does. But to really be sure, we would need to do a big study. Is this why background insulin levels have historically increased on average, since we have been able to measure them? I will suggest that that is the cause.

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