Monday, October 31, 2011


From my reading, it appears that we humans make two different insulins, one based on Omega 3 and one based on omega 6. The omega 3 based insulin is more efficient at clearing glucose from the blood than omega 6, so if we have mainly omega 6 in out diet, we need more insulin to get the glucose out of the blood. That may explain the general rise in insulin levels. But the other functions of insulin, getting fat into fat cells and keeping it there are not as effected by omega 6 base insulin. So when we get insulin resistant, fat can not get out of the fat cells until insulin gets lower, and our poor mitochondria get hungry, and send out the craving signal.

Another one suggests it is mono 18 and or total amount of fat. The first step in weight loss is to get Omega 6 and all manufactured food products our of our diet. That includes transfats, oxidized fats, glyconated fats, and hydrogenated fats. 

This implies that not only do we need to keep carbohydrate down, we need to keep omega 3 up to produce strong insulin, so that the insulin level can be low enough to release fat. Or perhaps it should be total fat that we need to keep down. What we need is insulin meters like glucose meter.

Something is not right in the literature. There is a relationship between cravings and fats, but what that relationship is is not clear. We have a three component equation, fat, carbohydrate and protein. This is a surface, not a line. In addition, the surface changes over time and exercise. It also depends it we are weight stable, losing, or gaining. It appears to me that weight stable is a knife edge we just need to keep crossing.

But what do I know? Reverse Engineering a diet is no easy task.

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