Friday, October 21, 2011

New Lifestyle Concept.

A new lifestyle or lifestyle choice is an non-diet thinking of a concept. We change our eating pattern for good reason, and will be happy at what ever out weight settles at.

The first lifestyle choice should be to ban sugar in all forms as these carry no nutrients, only carbohydrates in modified forms, that are not helpful to vigor. Sugars contribute to disease and weight. Along with those the sugar substitutes in all forms should go. Those keep alive the taste for sugar. When carrots and parsnips become sweet, we may have lost the desire for sugar. For more information on sugar, try Dr. Lustig, Yudkin, or Sugar Shock.

Sugars drive insulin up, which locks fat into the fat cells, and cause hunger as the blood glucose begins to decline faster than the insulin effects are reversed, resulting in excess insulin. Insulin second job is to help glucose into the muscle cells. As long as insulin is high, the fat cannot come out of the fat cells to feed other cells, hence we develop the craving that says feed me, feed me.  

Enters, stage left, insulin resistance. Insulin is always high, hunger is omnipresent. Wella, obesity.

The next food to give up entirely should be wheat.  See Wheat Belly. The effect is the same as sugar. High insulin.

Saturated manufactured fats should be avoided as these trans-fats contribute to heart failure. Omega 6 oils are often the base of these, and there is an excess of omega 6 oils in our foods, hence avoiding all omega 6 oils will be helpful. Omega 6 does not cause insulin to be output, just increases the amount of insulin outputted, contributing to hyperinsulinemia, leading to obesity.

Why does the government not publish these facts? It would cause a great deal of liability and food shortages short term, and hurt the agricultural economy.

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