Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What causes Cravings

What causes cravings for foods? N=1 test to find what cause my food cravings.

The dieting theory
This theory says we crave the foods we deny ourselves. No. When I am on low carb, eggs&potato & vitamins, fish and mayo, beef & greens, the cravings are gone.

The blood sugar theory
our blood glucose levels are likely to be low, triggering a high-calorie craving. 
No relationship to BG as measured
The memory theory
Our food cravings are often associated with pleasant memories and occasions. My childhood was rough. Not much pleasure.

The wisdom of the body theory
This theory suggests that our body craves what it needs. This may be true for some cravings, but it's difficult to lay too much credibility on this theory if you think your body needs a litre of ice cream. No chancie

The stress/anger/boredom theory
semi-retired, happy, not bored, craving. No.

The chronic stress theory

Crap. It physical. Seems to relate to fats. If I add fats, burgers instead of beef, bacon, pork instead of beef, the cravings come back. This diet is low reward after a few days, but oh well.

Mineral or vitamin deficiency. Well I take a wide range, and this narrow diet removes the cravings. Not likely.   

Throughout my weight loss, my diet was mainly as above with variations.

Two insulin theory is as good as any explanation.    

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