Sunday, October 9, 2011

Obsessive Personalities

Obsessive Personalities are going to obsess,  regardless of the situation. That is what make them obsessive personalities. What they chose to obsess about can vary, and the subject does not matter, just point them at something they kinda enjoy, and the obsession can happen or not, who knows.

That is why 12 Step programs work for so many people, it give them something to obsess about until they learn about obsessive personalties, and how to temper obsession with life, or to alternate many obsessions, by limiting time, or switching between each obsession or other cooping method.

Some jump in, learn about the program, how it works, why it works, and use it for a lifestyle change. Others run after the first meeting, never to be seen again. Many of those come back later after more years of self abuse.  Who is to know. The basic first level of service is to attend meeting and learn about others and yourself. See if you have the characteristics being displayed, and what you can learn about yourself. What are others beliefs and values, what are your values and beliefs. We see characteristics in others before we see it in ourselves. It is by this disordered process that we begin to learn about ourselves through this unguided process, and many of find solutions to our issues, as new issues that come to light. 

All this disorder processes is conducted in a helpful atmosphere, without rushing or forcing before anyone is ready. Some groups grow to great size, some fail quickly. Life is a process, recovery is a process. The process can virtually assure recovery, at least change, if we stick to the process long enough.    

Meeting also provide a time for self reflection. We can all use more of that.

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