Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Greed Driven Culture

We are or have become a greed driven culture. More, more, more. More money, more things money can buy. More food, sell, sell, push people who do not need food to buy. Make more money, invest in something to make more money. Now the investments have become rip-offs, frauds. How do we separate real investment from rip-offs?

Greed is good for governments, it keeps the economy strong. But how does a moral individual make a living, without fraud, gauging the client, without enticing client to buy than which they do not need?  What is the dividing line between gauging and fair market price? Bill Gates? Risk of capital is one thing, but in intellectuality property, what is the value? Expended time? Universities sell services, education. It is the individuals gamble whether there a career at the end of it, and what that career can be.

Greed extends to food, to much, to palatable. The food industry concept of palatable is "tastes like more." The only way to fight is no packaged food. But every cook, chief, wife, mother is into completive cooking, too much, to good. How is anyone to lose and keep weight off?

First I need to go against society, the pushes of food and greed, and the enticements. They are evil, just as the step parent who entices the child with poisonousness foods. (the old storey of peanut butter to allergic kid) Society, TV, advertising has become essentially evil, when we consider the high percent of obese people being marketed food that is causing the obesity problem. There is the push back. The food industry has become evil, for the lack of a better word.

Now what to do about it, beyond stop buying?

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