Sunday, October 30, 2011


Julianne at  on a study calling for omega 3 testing. One quote is:

Their studies had shown omega-3 made insulin more effective and therefore improved carbohydrate and fat metabolism. That means people taking the right amount of omega-3 for their body could be less prone to developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or both. 

Does this imply that insulin does not have a uniform structure and is made from omega 3 or omega 6, but the stuff from omega 3 works better. Is this the "cause of obesity", more omega 6 based insulin required, aka, insulin resistance, and you know the rest of the story?

Just one more piece likely. The difficulty in maintaining a weight loss is more social- ever present food, and ever present hunger/cravings. The cravings are the worst, and nobody has a solution. Many will not even acknowledge there existence. Tobacco and alcohol cravings leave, but not food cravings. They may go for a day or two, but then these return, with a vengeance. It is the cravings that create the problem. Perhaps I must go live as a hermit, without eatable food present. Then I would be only me to drag any food home. No temptation, no cravings, no weight issue. Well maybe. 

In the weight loss cycle (lose, gain, repeat), the meals are small, far apart,and hunger is a constant companion. It is easier to deal with then the cravings. The meals are low reward, consistent, boring. That is how it must be for me to lose weight. Short cycles may be the answer to weight stability.  

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