Saturday, October 8, 2011

Controlling Blood Glucose

The most powerful statement that I have found to control - deflect- stop dead- the food pushers is "No thanks, (insert the food) really messes with my blood sugar." and they just go away. The second time I add. "Wild blood sugar makes me mean, and I want to beat on something."  These may be referenced  as Yetties because of there cry "Yets, Yets, Yets". 

If you cannot sit in front of the offending food, and not eat it, run the reasons for not eating it, and decide if it is really suitable for food, or walk away. We do not need to abuse ourselves to "not offend" someone who does not have our best interests at heart. Anyone who is tempting an overweight person or a person with a "weight / eating problem" to eat with nuts, candies, snack manufactured eatable products, cheese, etc, does not have the heavy persons best interests at heart. It is OK to leave and it will be OK to never go there again.

Some people cannot accept that food addiction and overeating are separate animals. These are both eating problems, weight is just the result. Well, the overeater can dust of the crumbs, and continue life without the craving for more as soon as the food is gone, the emotion relieved, or the day has passed or the cue has been removed. The food addict; however, will have cravings as soon as the fix wears off, and be right back to the fridge, pantry, store, where ever they need to go for the next fix. The craving is internal, not psychological, not a visual stimulation, not a available hype-palatable source. The glucose - insulin issue that Taubes explains is also chemical, and is one of the addiction / addiction like issues that must be addressed to lose and keep weight off: that should say adopting a lifestyle that puts eating and food in it's proper perspective.  Remember, that the mere presence of  "palatable" (liked, appetite stimulating) food is sufficient cause alone to cause overeating and weight gain. 

Overeating and food addiction may co-exist in the same person or not. In OA we see food addicts, and compulsive eaters, and other food and eating issues that people are living with, often untreated, undiagnosed, and there is no real treatment, just learning to live with the condition. Some of us have learned to live with our conditions, live in relative management of our weights, and our lives. Some use just the program, some of us use the program until we can understand the science to fix the problem. Once we understand the science a bit, eating behaviour becomes easier to manage. It is management, not control that we obtain. There is no solution to some of the eating issues yet, and there is much negative, unhelpful criticism. I am not concerned about what other think of the problems until they can offer a real solution, not just more of the same advise that has failed us in the past.

It takes a great deal of perverseness to recover from these issues, and few people understand the differences, or the recovery process. I have wasted much time believing the advise of well educated doctors, psychologists, dietitians, and wrong authorities. The solution became obvious when I started to compute the numbers and read Atwater. Bullshit is bullshit, regardless of how well educated or decorated the bull is. Heat energy is not uniformly converted to bio-mechanical energy, the efficiency varies. Oh well, that is a two line summary of 30+ years of reading in my spare time, trying to recover from this eating problem.

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