Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Appetite Management LCHF

The secret of weight control is appetite management, combined with eating to down regulate lipoprotein lipase and up regulate hormone sensitive lipase. The previous step in chain is down regulate insulin. Let the liver control blood glucose. Eat accordingly.

What controls appetite?

David Kessler, in his book, The End Of Overeating, suggests that appetite is caused by cues, sight or smell of food, meal time, habit, advertising, hunger: anything that causes us to want to eat. These are external. It is the internal ones that are more concerning, the desire that arises without warning, that desire for something. Are these insulin overshot problems, or lack of available free fatty acids (FFA)?

When I do not get enough fat, I get cravings which are difficult to resist; therefore I eat, or overeat, aka, lose control of my appetite, and get a run-a-way. The food program has to start with sufficient fat to manage my appetite, but not excess.

A spoon of coconut oil will remove hunger, but what about the cravings. It seem to remove cravings some of the time, but not consistently. WTF. These are some kind of emotional / psychological / chemical / food addiction -- driven issue. In the end, it comes down to eating to obtain the necessary nutrient, enough fat to avoid hunger, dealing with all the emotional / psychological issues, and avoiding all the chemicals that cause me problems; sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, nuts, cheese.  These are all addictive foods that cause me problems. After that, I need to guard against overeating by preparing only the required amount of food.

The life of the obese and ex-obese is not easy, but it is simple. Each morning I need to reset my plan for the day. As I have recently gone to semi-retirement, my life is in a state of flux, and the evenings evolve to much TV.  That needs to change.

Learning about food, nutrition, what the body requires, and does not require, only gets us so far. That has taken me about four years in my spare time. Much of that time has been over coming publicly promoted wrong information (government bullshit) (consider joining the 99%). Now comes the doing, the fine tuning if you like, but specifically the doing and overcoming the cravings. If there is a secret of being thin for life, that is where it is at. Essentially, I must learn to live with the cravings and hunger with out eating.

Perhaps it is time to join the few percent who live without food issues. All the thin people I know, without eating issues, do not seem to have much appetite. They ignore hunger and get no cravings. 

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