Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glucose Control

(note to self)  Glucose Control is conducted by two organs, the liver to raise glucose, and the pancreas to lower blood glucose. Insulin also sweeps fat into fat cells and locks it there. We can give the pancreas a rest by cutting our intake of glucose to never overflow the glucose storage- glycogen. The storage capacity is about 300C, or less. So if we eat less than 300/3 at a meal, it should not overflow.

Overeating can be grouped as follows:

Food Addiction, Chemical dopamine, as wheat, opioid, or glucose - insulin reaction.
Typically, sugar, wheat, Omega 6 oils, cheese, nuts, occasionally too much roots, beef, dairy (all insulin-o-genic)

Food Addiction, Psychological, Obsessive compulsive. Dopamine drives the craving. That is the function of dopamine, to produce a desire for something. That is dopamines function. Dopamine drives us to work, to sleep, sex, water, and toward food, It just happens it drives us to much toward food. We need something else instead. Say recovery, say not eating, say weight loss, say fellowship with others who also have this excess dopamine issue.  Is that why smoking helped overeating?

Overeating due to Emotional causes... Any emotion, sorrow, joy, boredom, pleasure, indecision, lack of choice, add available hyper-palatable food and we have overeating. If in a isolated state, it can become a binge, Binge eating. (some claim that with blood glucose control is the real issue)

Habit overeating... family social pressure, not following portion control... Satiety is not enough to cause stopping of eating, we need to stop as soon as we are able to stop. Metered meals?

Hyper-palatable and available food, by it's self, is sufficient to cause overeating, Add social, environmental, stress, family, and we have obesity. The question almost becomes, why are there thin people? (picky eaters, strong aversion to food, fat, or to busy avoiding food. Is this why obesity occurs in families?

Blood glucose, carbohydrate intake-insulin, energy shortfall, call for food, food response--- and high insulin blocking leptin signaling, high insulin keeping fat locked away...

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