Saturday, March 5, 2016

Complete Apathy

I just do not care today.

It is difficult to argue, as to present an philosophical argument with people who believe they are right for no other reason because they believe it, and thinking make it so. The only way to deal with such is through apathy.

This was part of a discussion of the right to die, to trim the final miserable end of life, when it will be just days we are talking about. Our lives, if we are free, is something that we should have absolute control over, and do, as long as we are physically able. The government may say we do not, but are we free or not? Certainly the medical profession should not have the right to make one suffer, as they create revenue for themselves by the suffering and hanging on of the elderly and infirm, where there is no hope of reasonable recovery and there is no quality of life, and little awareness of life either. We would not permit animals to suffer like that.  

Marcus Aurelius procrastinated in a writing assignment in his studies with Fronto - to arguing both the pro and contra for a position in the same assignment. That is equivalent to making a cost benefit analysis, both ways. One way misery, the other peace. One way some period of pain, suffering, hardly aware of life if even aware of life. The other way no more. It is shorting the suffering only, for by that point, life and the pleasures of life are done.

Sacredness of life is only sacred if there is a god. Logic says that if something exists, we should be able to find evidence. If there is no evidence, that the science says it does not exist, or its effects are small or is not.  Therefore, the hypothesis that there is a god can only lie toward the truth by the amount of not being able to prove it wrong, not enough to base a life on; therefore, the religious waste time on only a hypothesis, but we permit that with apathy. Oh well.

When we go at a problem, we can change our self, the situation (good luck with that), or we can just stop caring and let the shit fall where it does (apathy). It is a common choice.  

Respect, truth, non-violence, moderate compassion, and moderation in self control.... But what do I know? 


  1. ...while I barely have the wherewithal to type this comment. VERY disappointed when I thought I was making progress in dialogue w/parents about assisted living facility to come back from all-too-brief vacation & hear Mom pronounce that it's back to Square One: she'll take care of Dad as long as she's able, unless he becomes completely incapacitated, oblivious, or violent. So now I'm back to constant worries about their day-to-day upkeep, sprinkled w/anxiety about the risk of falling.

  2. Sorry to here of your difficulties. I offer my condolences.

    It is difficult when our parents "cause" us upset because they will not do what we want. It is difficult for them as well. They have gone from giving orders to taking them. They are in a state of decline and denial, with impending demise. There is likely fear of loss and fear of change as well.

    Some thing are up to us and some are not. We can do nothing about those events that are not up to us.

    My father went first with a stroke at 91, dead in three days. My mother was in her home until she spent a day on the floor after a fall at 92. We had gotten her a medic alert system and she was wearing it. She would not pull it "because they would come and finder "me" like that." She went to hospital and we refused to take her home and found her a spot in a retirement home. In a short while she fell over into a empty soup bowl at lunch one day. Both stubborn as ever.

  3. Thanks, Fred. I fear my mom would do just as yours did if I got her the MedAlert necklace - "not want to bother anybody".
    As long as she is of sound mind & continues to choose this destiny for herself, I do feel as though my hands are tied.


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