Monday, March 21, 2016

Missed the real issue

The inland water cycle goes on, but each year we have less water in that cycle. In the above, no water is taken out of the cycle, so the relative amount of water in different parts of the cycle is irrelevant.

We need to trap spring water on the land and prevent spring runoff to make the cycle work. Everything white man has done since coming to this county has reduced the amount of water. We were the cause of the beavers being trapped and the land was cleared. We ditched the sloughs, and built houses. We drained the cities into the rivers where the water can run away. It was the water trapped in the sloughs that provided the water for the inland water cycle. Until it is restored, we will have drought and drying. To bad we are overpopulated and are destroying our environment during these early last throws of civilization.

But what do I know?

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  1. Hmmm, quickly glanced at her figures, but color me deeply suspicious of those "bovine meat" figures - methinks she calculated those from a feedlot environment? There's no way cattle on pasture consume 3X as much water as sheep or swine...
    It couldn't be that Ms Patty is manipulating figures to suit her own agenda, could it?!? I'll look up some facts/figures of my own later...
    (I remember my father writing long screeds to the newspaper when I was a child; I was fully indoctrinated into the evils of overpopulation. How my ex-husband managed to "turn" me & convince me to bear a singleton is another story!)


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