Thursday, March 24, 2016

Caffeine Addiction

After one week of  no tea, no caffeine, there is no doubt, in my mind, that caffeine is an addiction. It has a longer desire period than nicotine, but almost as strong call for intake. As there are so many caffeine merchants, it will be more difficult to stay off of. It is also less damaging that other addictions, which is part of why society accepts it as normal.

As I do not live a stressful life now, it is difficult to say that there is any difference in the sense of urgency of action that I did feel. Going for coffee (tea) was a way of occupying social time that also must change. I would have difficulty walking into a Tim Hortons and asking for hot water, which under English grammar laws should be Horton's, but trademarks can do what ever they like. Perhaps it is I that has the issue of asking for hot water.

Hot water, and bring your own teabag was the old way of being cheap. It is that  cheap attitude that give me a issue. I would expect that they charge something, I guess I will need to find out one day.

But what do I know?

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  1. Ugh!!! Caffeine. I partake, but I suspect I traded grains, sugars, guar and xanthan gum (my food addiction triggers) for my other drug.

    I went from 2 cups to 3 during my abstaining time. Will you stay off caffeine or is it too early to tell? In my other caffeine abstaining times- pregnancy and post delivery, I've had medial professionals order me to drink some coffee because the caffeine was a lower class drug than the drugs they were going to treat me with... sigh.

    I'm on the fence on a 30 day abstinence trial..... Onward. You know a lot. Just saying.


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