Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Will Canada accept refugees from the US in the fall?


If Drumpf Trump does secure the presidency, can Canada expect an influx of refugees?

We saw it in the late 60's & 70's with the draft dodgers and students. We say it in the 1860 with the underground railroad. We say it in the 1900' for the land in western Canada. We say it in 1915 to 1918 when the US was worried about getting drawn into WWI. Will the election of Trump cause an influx of Mexicans and Muslims into Canada?

I understand that the air traffic to Dubai is up, doubled from last year. Is that our new refugees heading back?

Cuba has free medical care for all it's citizens and free higher education for all that can keep up their grades. It has not enough jobs for the educated, so they go back for another degree.

What use is a foreign civil/ structural engineer in Canada until he learns the codes and the common practices. That was a major part of the course work in the last years when I went to university. This the way the formula was developed; you have the mathematics to solve it; here's what the code says you can do; here is an example, and a problem. Over, and over again, different issue, but the same format. Soils and materials were different, it was not code, but the Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual, and the Asphalt Handbook, Concrete Handbook, etc. Without the local knowledge, an engineer would be a liability to the industry.

I am glad I retired when I did. I am tired of fixing up bad engineering and bad construction designs, but I digress.

We have high unemployment now with low oil prices and oil companies shutting down. One bigger oil servicing company, who own their own building, has the accountant, a old part time shop man who can do anything, and the manager left  from 300 employees last summer. In Nisku, according to the local business association, has lost 300 oil manufacturing jobs in the last year. Sound like 1982, for those of you that remember. Trudeau, NEP, and drop in oil price.We took 12 years to recover. Sort of, where we could recover.

But now we have a new problem, more people into an already overpopulated environment. What is the government thinking? And on the horizon id Trump.

What do I know?


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