Thursday, March 31, 2016

What right does the government have?

Trump and his ilk got me going....

What right does the government have telling women anything about abortion? An women who finds herself up the stump must have the right to seek medical help for the problem, if she chooses. The alternative is that she seeks the help of some untrained, unskilled, or skilled and profiting individual, as it once was.

In Canada we have had a series of bad laws, from eugenics sterilization of the mentally challenged, and abortion. The religious pro-lite idiots that cannot see the damage of forced pregnancy, and the loss of life through illegal back alley abortions. The pro-life group must bear the responsibility for all those deaths.

It we go back to the Greeks of old, when the family got to large, they took the newborns out and exposed them on a hillside. There were some who took in the unwanted, and raised them as there own. That is how Epictetus got his son, but I degrees.

Abortion is not a good solution, but it is a solution that for many is better than the alternative. We live in an overpopulated world. Who has the right to tell me how I should treat my body? and who can force it? If I want to eat myself to death, does anyone care enough to say anything? The door is always open, so who can close it?

I think the government is over-reaching, and over-reach can be answered with resistance that is not right but the only response possible. We give up some freedom for peace, but at some point government meddling in society is just too much, and then we will rebel. Look out for that day. It is close. We see individuals making violent statements when they see no other choice. These events will continue, since we are leaving in such crowded environment, and not addressing injustice and are endeavoring to force beliefs and behaviors on to the people, that the people do not want.  

What do I know anyway?


  1. What these idiots willfully ignore is the FACT that there has ALWAYS been abortion (up to & including infanticide as you mention) - and of course fundamentally it is NONE OF THEIR FUCKIN' BUSINESS!!! (all puns intended)


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