Monday, February 29, 2016


Priorities need to be adjusted from time to time and we need to list our priorities from time to time. Religions like Christianity and Islam have the religion itself as there first priority. That is just wrong, the religion should serve the people, not the other way. Stoicism has rationality as the first priority, at least that is the individual, following our true nature, and living a virtuous life; that is all fine and good but it puts wisdom top on the virtuous. One needs to become older to develop wisdom, hence it is suitable to age into stoicism. Buddhist put truth, peace and loving kindness or compassion as there top three. Confucianism places respect for others as their top priority, respect for family, up and down generation, for the society, governance, and like as the top. That covers a great deal of territory in one shot, and that is something that is lacking in North America in general.

Respect must flow both ways, and must be seen by both to flow both ways. When our political types get arrogant, there is no room for respect. Respect is not just speech patterns, but also more actions that any phrasing. When a Beaumont, Alberta, RCMP approaches a car in a routine traffic stop with his hand on his gun, it does not show respect, trust, but likely fear on the part of the RCMP, especially with a senior.

Lack of respect for traffic law show up in many places; consider those plastic reflective plates over license plates, psychopath screens. They say that the driver/owner intends on speeding and not taking responsibility for there actions. Of course, street design on new rebuilt roadway that impedes traffic flow also lack of respect for the traffic on the part of the Town Council, the dinosaurs, as they have become to be known. Respect must flow both ways for it to work for much.

The whole Canadian Government, from the Senate down would need to be cleaned up if respect was to become a cultural norm. Would respect for one's self make a big difference toward our self treatment? I think it might reduce many of our societies problems, and perhaps reduce our dependence on the processed food. If we respected ourselves more, we would not eat it and perhaps recognize those merchants of not respecting we humans as people, and perhaps this disrespect of them, and our own self respect could provide that last push away from the bad foods. It is respect flowing both ways, that has allowed the Chinese to flourish under Communism. 

Respect must flow both ways, once again. I do not respect religion, for these are based on logically impossible events thousand or more of years ago, that we are supposed to care, and live that way. There patrons pass the gullibility test on regular basis. Grab onto something and give your head a good shake. Look around at the Catholic Church and there frequent pedophilia and alcohol abuse problem among priests. They need to get there house in order first, but they are a property rich, cash flow poor organization.  New Earth types defy science and logic.

Today my priority must be self respect, to not dip into the insulin overshot foods, not to allow psychological cravings to start or let myself into a situation where lack of impulse control can start a slide.

Oh well, respect, truth, peace, compassion should be the first virtues in the priority. The Cardinal Virtues will just need to weight for now.


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