Sunday, March 27, 2016

No Caffeine Now

So now that I have been off tea; hence, caffeine for ten days what have I experience?

  • appetite about the same, but sugar rich foods - apple and cough drops - taste much sweeter, and that was no sugar in the tea before. 
  • Passions are higher, aka irritation at traffic is worse. That may be part of withdrawal. Horn honkers still piss me off. Nobody moves because of a horn. It is just rude and obnoxious, and demonstrates the blowers ignorant and pushy attitude. 
  • Headaches persisted for a weak.
  • I was in the habit of stopping and making tea, and sitting and reading while I drank the tea. Now hot water works, but I am not inclined sit and read. Perhaps the removal of tea has made me more agitated in general. 
  • Stimulus to no stimulus will take more time to adjust to. I do not feel less stimulated, but I have never in memory been caffeine free. I switched coffee to tea quite a few years ago, and tried no caffeine for a couple of days but went to tea.  
  • My reaction time is way down, aka I have become a slug. 
  • I startle much easier
  • We live in a world with "cultural ADHD", all hyped up on sugar, caffeine, and other drugs. I see this now more obviously, having slowed down a bit. The crazy people are just flying by.
But what do I know....


  1. I admire you Fred, but I continue to limit myself to single cup o'latte in the AM, necessary to jump-start my motor... (Sleep quality exceedingly poor these days - THANKS MENOPAUSE! But yes, dr appt 5/03)

  2. Val; we all need to do as we need to do to just through life... what ever that may be...


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