Saturday, March 12, 2016

Learn to live hungry

Learn to live hungry is the answer provide by the medical establishment.

There may be a few that can learn to eat low carb, and become satisfied on less food that they burn hence become normal sized. There are those to who meter their food and become able to live like that. Good for them, keep it up. Most of suffer at losing, and maintaining, and therefore not able to do it long term. Why? It is the food pushing environment we live in. We cannot get away.

The appetite is tied into the serial part of our brain and does not respond directly to logic. We get hungry, we want to eat, and once we start, we are unable to stop, unless we run out of food. So what does science offer? Eat less, move more. But that is not the problem, it is in the doing of that. We all know that if we were able to eat less and move more, we would not have the problem. Those who are able do not have the problem. The remainder of us, the other half have a problem which the thin refuse to accept or does not exist for them, and can offer no help for the problem, other that criticism, condemnation and belittling.

We are a dipole population. At least what the data tells us, for those of us who only look at the data (engineering). We are not homogeneous in this, the weight/obesity data tells us this; we are two groups of something like Chi-squared with quite a bit of freedom, one group is of the 1-Chi-squared, and combined we look something like normal distribution. But that is not what the minds that govern us seem to think. They are fixated on a single population, some eat too much and move to little.

Obesity is a mental problem, not a motivational problem. It is not yet understood enough to remove the problem, but some of us are making progress. We have been fed bullshit all our lives, and when we realize this and start cleaning out our minds, we start to make progress.

The establishment is becoming irrelevant to many, and will soon be irrelevant to all,  so establishment f-off, with your condemnation, until you understand the problem and can offer real help.

Honesty, truth, compassion, peace, but what do I know?

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