Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A bridge to far, a step to short.


and the senate is going to do something.... Good luck... 

"Banning food and beverage advertisements to children (where food advertisements have been proven to increase kids' eating)"

For those of us with low impulse control, and/or high susceptibility to suggestion, aka easy to influence with advertising, it would be a substantial benefit to us for the government to ban all food/sugar advertising. One advertisement can whet an appetite, regardless. I am not likely to buy there products, but am am likely to go look at what is available in the fridge, cupboards, etc. It is suggestion that leads to food thoughts, looking, urges, temptation, desires, thoughts, and eating/snacking/overeating and down the road to obesity.

Those who are busy, not easily influenced, not watching TV etc, are not exposed to the advertisement, are not effected. Muting helps but it is not enough. A total ban on food advertising could have a big impact, but that would need to be tested first. A total advertising ban for a period of time with surveys before and after a year would be the best way to test it. Only survey people who are overweight and watch TV a lot, for we are the canaries in the obesity mine.

The government does not have the balls to take on the food industry, so that can never happen, however the CRTC may help. We now have TV on demand which has much less commercials and could have no food commercials, but not all the programs. If our Canadian Senate takes it on, they would be worthwhile.

Improving access to nutritious food in Canada's northern communities ----   For any of you that have spent time in the northern small communities, it will be obvious that low carb frozen is the way to go. But then the north requires cooking lessons, and an understanding of low carb cuisine, along with the whole non-low carb world.  I never eat as well as I have since studying low carb, and living low carb, but that also takes a different set of cooking skills. 

Ensuring that the revision of Canada's Food Guide excludes the direct involvement of food industry representatives---- 
Really. Do you think the Canadian Senate has the balls to do that? The crying will be loud.

If the senate was that influential, we would not be questioning the value of the senate. Good luck.

And now how can I maintain respect with honesty, truth, non-violence, moderate compassion, and moderation in self control.... But what do I know? 

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