Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still Caffeine free

I am 15 day into this and still caffeine free.

  • Freedom from caffeine does not have any effect on hunger
  • I do not mean to suggest that others should be caffeine free
  • I can see the difference now between my old hyper self and the more lay back caffeine free me.
  • I can see the sugar burners and caffeine driven others now
  • I have more time free; I did not recognize the amount of time I spending drinking tea about the country. Now I have no excuse to go to Tim's and people watch, sit and read, etc.
  • I still need a project that I want to do more than eat...


  1. I need to quit wasting my precious irreplaceable time surfing the Internet & get to work outlining that BOOK my friends & family have urged me to write...
    (but good job Fred - while I'll stay at my minimal-level morning latte, I admire your fortitude!)

  2. and once I saw the effect, it becomes easier to stay off. It appears to be a chemical addiction with a change in energy but without much hedonic effect. Odd for an addictive substance. But it is a socially pushed addiction as much as a physical one.


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