Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I heard a old lady? complaining about the price of bacon. "by the time I trim the fat off, my husband and I will need a whole pound for breakfast."

As I chuckled and walked away, almost busting a gut laughing...What else can one do?

It seems that bacon is about the only food that many stores do not over-trim by my standards.

The local butcher will cut meat any way we want it, but it takes time. His normal stocked pork is all trimmed to much, pork chops with no fat, steaks with no fat. Oh well.


  1. Trimming. Fat. From. Bacon?!?
    Ahem... There are just NO WORDS!
    I always had to overcome a strong Mommy Instinct to chide one of my son's friends since he would likewise carefully strip off the delicious crispy bacon fat & leave it on his plate... Oh well it made the dogs VERY happy!

  2. She has two cats, but the fat goes in the garbage. She is also a practicing Catholic, what can I say.


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