Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What is Paleo? got me thinking:

"The paleo diet was mainly lower in cereals and dairy products, higher in fruits and vegetables, meat, and eggs. "

The true Northern Paleo diet contains no cereals and dairy products, and only seasonal fruit in the fall. No alcohol either. A bit of fish to high fish.  Southern Paleo had much more vegs with fibre, and likely more fish. Later peoples also prospered on dairy, beans/corn/squash, roots, potatoes, and greens. What was tested is not Paleo, but being called Paleo.

The true paleo diet was what was available in the area, the survivors prospered. It likely varied seasonally and with availability. We know little about the dead ones; were the ones we studied part of the prospering or part of the natural culling.

In my own primitive youth I recall...the winter of fish, the spring of cattail root, the winter of spam, the winter of canned chicken and we nearly always had excess potatoes, except for the fall before the spring of cattail root, and my whole family of origin had a weight problem most of the time.

What they seem to be talking about is closed to and ancestral diet, think 150 to 400 years ago, and rural. And generally local. Or like my youth, no electricity, no money, no roads, no reliable transportation beyond the horses in winter.

It was my opinion that we ex-obese need mainly greens of all types, a few roots and animal, fowl or fish proteins, and little else. It sure cleans up pre-diabetics, but my BG is creeping up again, but I have been away a bit, where the food is less clean.

After reviewing Wheat Belly, no wheat, or grains if possible....
After Lustic, no more non-local fruits... Sugar was already gone.
Alcohol and chocolate are indulgences...
Omega 6, cooked, becomes trans-fats... sort of, not a good thing...
Nuts and cheese always taste like more...

Now to just do it cleanly...

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