Thursday, September 1, 2011


In the last few days, in the blog world, there has been chatter about coffee. I gave it up due to some of its effects. Here is the list.

On the negative side:

It is a vector for empty calories, ie sugar, processed whiteners, and dairy whitener.
It contains caffeine, which does some of the following other things:
It is a diuretic, which should lower blood pressure, but this effect is blunted by the other effects. Also note that if you are on a diuretic already, or put on one, the diuretics effect will be reduced.
It causes the small blood vessels to contract, raising blood pressure, and restricting blood flow. This will make arthritis, recovery from strong exercise, and inflammations much worse. When I gave up coffee my diagnosed " arthritis " almost disappeared. 
It is a appetite stimulusadrenalin stimulus, and affects blood glucose through at least diuretic effect and adrenalin effect. Blood sugar drives insulin, that effects fat storage and energy choice, causing glucose to be taken into the cells. Glucose is toxic to the body, and must be disposed of.

On the positive side:

Social excuse

You decide if coffee is worth drinking.



  1. Another side effect of caffeine in any form (for some of us) is heart palpitations.

  2. Yes Suzanne, and it does many more things. The thing I listed were just the things that I noted in myself during and after quitting. Also, the number of time that I stopped at Timmys declined. (Canadian eh)


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