Friday, September 30, 2011

Food addiction

Beth's post got me thinking:

What you are describing is overeating, not addiction. The craving for week, months is the difference. If you do not crave it severely, it is not addiction. Do you have the iron will to resist cravings, rekindled repeatedly? Try having one cigarette, and repeatedly quieting. It is worse that cigarettes. Unless it that bad of craving, you are not dealing with addiction, but something else.

Food Addiction is a bitch, and if you have it and get clear, it would be just stupid to go near it. Once we kick addiction, the big millstone is gone, and then we get to deal with a series of little ones. Weight loss, those final few pounds are not comparable to addiction.

Hyperinsulinemia / Insulin resistance / carbohydrates / leptin resistance also produces a mild urge to eat, but is less sever and dissipates over a few hours. This can be handled as you describe. These are very different animals; both may lead to overeating.

Of course, there is overproduction of  ghrelin, other hormones, gut peptides that needs also be resisted or tapered off of. These may be producing excess hunger, greater hunger that out need. For some of us, hunger all the time is the our normal condition at constant weight.

This dose not include palatability issues, reward issue, habit, social, custom, or  all those other reasons to overeat, which the next day, one can simply dust the crumbs off and go on with life.

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