Monday, September 26, 2011

indulgent attitude & notes

Somebody said: Obesity is the result of an indulgent attitude toward food. If we never eat sweet carbohydrate rich foods,  (sugars, starches, fats - aka sugar, grains, omega 6 oils) we never get started down the obesity path. This suggest that people are just like rats. Sclafani -- " In the normal rat, free access to palatable food is a sufficient condition to promote excessive weight"

What is free access to this human? - In the home...

Hyperpalatable food usually contains sugar, salt, starches, and some other flavour. sounds like baked goods, breads, manufactured eatable products, and tasty foods.

Palatable - to the food industry -  food that produces an egear want for more
- to others - good tasting foods.

Engineered for palatable is more meaningful when we state it is designed to make you want to eat more.

Comments about the web this AM.
Many if not most RDs are employed to increase sales of foods, not look out for our health. They go where the money is, just like engineers. Less than 10% of engineers are involved in design, real engineering. The remainder are in sales, management, construction, elsewhere. sound like Dr. Sharma is patting himself on the back. He should, for he has achieved his goal. Is he summing it all up just to head to greener pastures? I still thing the goal should be a solution to the obesity problem, not barbaric surgery.
Yes, that is what I wanted to call it.

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