Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weight loss diets Present their idea of the perfect diet.

To lose weight I need to remove pleasure foods, most of the starches, and keep the protein to about 70 grams of protein, that is 2 eggs, two 120 gram meats or fish and a bit here and there-  potatoes, flax, cottage cheese.

Their recommended quantity of starch is unreasonably large for the non physical worker/ extreme athletic, the sedentary person, inactive person, who does a minor amount of 10000 steps a day, and has a slower metabolism.

The real problem with starches; carbohydrates in general, is the other job of insulin, to inhibit lipolysis, in addiction to helping glucose into cells, and carbohydrates force the rise of insulin, as the body cannot tolerate  raised blood glucose. The inhibiting lipolysis makes us hungry, rather than using stored fats for energy. There may also be a rate of lipolysis issue when we are depleted of visceral fat.

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  1. The PHD as posted is not a weight loss diet. So you're right, a pound of starch is more for those maintaining their weight and who don't have metabolic syndrome.

    I do closer to half a pound in order to stay close to the guideline of 150g of protein + carbs per day; I typically divvy that up between lunch and dinner, so it's typically close to a cup of either rice or sweet potatoes.


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