Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Satiety , Protein: 0, Fat 1

Which causes satiation and maintains satiety, protein or fat?

There has been a bit of debate whether protein is satiating or fats.

Popular press says protein, as does Dukan. Bernstein says fat.

My N=1 says fat is much more satiating, protein stimulates blood glucose therefore insulin. It may be that the included fats in meat are sufficient fat for satiation in some people. I have tried coconut oil, fat soup, salad with dressing as fat with no protein. The dressing contained Canola oil, but it is mono, 15% O6, 7%O3 and a bit of saturated. The least damaging of the manufactured oils, but without the taste of olive oil. I do not like olive oil's taste.

Ham and pork sausages were the leanest meat I could find, and these are not very effective at satiation. Fat beef burgers are sometimes satiating, and less some days. There is a relationship with the color, aka fat content, regardless of what the package says. Some of the lean is not so lean, and some of the regular is not so fat. I would not be surprised to find the difference was the label some days.

Fat wins. Salad with dressing is a doable lunch, without proteins.

Beth; your suggestion of coconut oil works well, and got me started on this bent.

It is my conclusion that since the hunger sensation that I feel is removed by fat; I will just consider it a call for fats. It may be just the stomach or liver first cry for energy. These two usually have the first pass effect, taking their fuel first from the food intake, hence, are in a good place, well positioned, to call for food.

Any comments? Which do you think is more satiating?


  1. All I know is that since I started intentionally adding healthy fats to my diets, my hunger has practically disappeared. If it's not the coconut oil (whose MCTs may help as sources of ketones), then it may well be the nutrients, as my other fat sources are pastured egg yolks, grass-fed liver (in braunschweiger) and butter. I suspect the nutrients in those help as well.

  2. BTW, it's pricy, but I love the Artisana organic coconut butter. I eat it out of the jar with a spoon ;).

  3. Oh, and one other thing. If you get what's called "light" olive oil, it's the oil that isn't the first pressing. It generally doesn't have the strong olive oil taste. But I make my dressings now with macadamia nut oil. It also has a favorable ratio without the strong flavor. Also a little pricy compared to veggie oils.

  4. Interesting post from that paleo guy re fat & satiety (among other things):

  5. Yes, one more reason to give up lubricants. Interesting, that they do not actually cause the release of insulin, just the amount. Grain and grain products, including grain feed animals, are just bad for humans.


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