Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Debra's at comment to Sharma got me thinking:

Debra's recent comment on Dr. Sharma (  states  "Perhaps, but here’s the problem: You can address the “whys” to attain a weight loss, but once a body is weight reduced it is barraged by dozens of new, different “whys” that challenge it in maintaining this loss. You have written on many of them: In weight-reduced people, leptin is chronically suppressed, ghrelin is chronically elevated, other hormones, gut peptides and natural chemicals are out of whack, and metabolic function is about 20% slower than a person whose nautral weight is the same as the reduced person’s current weight. Dieters are unprepared for these issues, and their doctors are ignorant of them. So, patients may resolve the problems causing, say, “emotional eating” (as an example), lose weight, feel completely in control of their situation, but then, shortly, regain their weight nevertheless."

I question -leptin is chronically suppressed. According to Dr. Lustic, leptin is not suppressed, but rather the signal is blocked by insulin hogging the shared receptors. That is why fasting insulin is such an issue.  It does not matter, we still need to learn to live with it.

I did not know "ghrelin is chronically elevated".

K. Hall and C. Chow graph the animal "metabolic function is about 20% slower than a person whose natural weight" and show much more than 20%, much like 0 to 50%, depending on the O2 / Co2  ratio, in effect the carbohydrate/fat burn ratio. Oh - the wonders of partial differential equations, and a engineering degree to help me understand them.  See, all that Calculus was not a total waste.  I, we, the ex-obese are better off burning fat.

We go through a cycle; appetite, eating, satiation, life which stimulates appetite, and back to appetite. Most of my relief has come through reduction of those things that stimulate appetite. EG no grains, sugar, manufactured oils, insulin stimulating foods, and give leptin a chance. There should be a song there somewhere. All those why's of eating just need to be ditched.

Also, I just finished Dr. Sharma book. A good read, and a few new things in the puzzle that is obesity recovery. Fasting Insulin, any non-diabetic one ever been tested?  No absolutes, I do not think so. I never was tempted to eat poisons, therefore absolutes work. No sugar. No grain. No manufactured oils.

Did you all see McLeans Sept 26 issue, page 14. Dr Davis hit the big time in Canada.

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