Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Splitting Hares, Define what you mean

Mainly rabbit sausage, take two rabbits, one horse... Something go under my skin today... this is escapeism... or something... I do not care...

After reading Wheat Belly, I personally, will not be knowingly eating many grains, unless starving.

Lean meat is a mater of definition to separate real meat from grain raised meat, which has excessive marbling and higher Omega 6 fats. Regular ground beef is so variable, look for leaner regular, and try it. Some is old cows, ..."canners and cutter" if you remember those.  Lean, by the meat industry, has less than 50% of calories coming from fat.

A bit of veg with a bit of fat, butter, oils to taste, the odd bit of fruit and your off to the races.  Real whole fresh cooked or raw vegs, and protein, and what could be more natural.

I, personally think that eating a strict philosophy is not necessary good. Paleo assumes that nothing in the last 10,000 years has been good. The Irish would not have prospered without the potato. Yet none of the prized vegetables exist in there current form a few 100 years ago.   That may be a bit extreme.  Just ban sugars, grains, manufactured oils, and do other carbs less than a 100 calories or so, and do everything the old way, by hand, and the weight problem will dissipate.  Cut carbs further, according to Bernstein (R not S) and the T2D are in better shape. But I do not care, it is your life.

The problem for many of us is doing it. Mediterranean plan with little dabs of this and that is just too much effort. Paleo, one cast iron pot is lots to prepair most meals in. Much easier to do; hence, to follow. Eat it until it is gone, then make another pot. But that is just me. Starts out as separate food, then stew, then soup, (stretch with water and veg or meat) and ends when the pot is empty. Pick the bones out whenever. No two meals are the same.

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