Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taubes, Guyenet, and the Obesity Solution

Yoni raised the question, what do we think, so this is my full response.

Taubes and Guyenet theories are both contributing factors to the problem, but neither have recovered from gross obesity, and are both missing many of the critical elements.

That obesity map (Beth's pointer) (also on my sites list) kinda shows part of the problem, but not the solution. The main part of the problem is misinformation, and wrong information, along with interference of hunger/ satiety signaling by the man made foods... Sugars especially fructose; grains, especially wheat (see Wheat Belly); and omega 6 industrial oils. These should be considered lubricants and poisons, not part of the human foods.

Those that are serious enough about recovery to eliminate those foods will then need to tweak their diet to get the minerals and vitamins that they need. Addictions must be dealt with, and our social eating must be ended. They will need to learn to listen to their bodies, and respond to what there body is telling them. Hunger feeling is removed by a first pass effect, not beyond the liver. Cravings are another issue.

Once I got off all these, I could listen to the body signaling, and that helped. Responding correctly to the signaling, aka -learning what the signal is saying- is also a problem, given our social, environmental, food availability, and schedule fixation culture. It has been an education - sorting real information and marketing information - an ongoing struggle. Such is my life today. I am grateful for those who went before and left an trail to follow, and those others that explain the why it works. I am also really pissed at those great many who lead me and others down the blind alley with their bullshit.

Recovery from gross obesity is different than those who need to lose a few pounds. These are different animals, perhaps of the same family, but far different. Obesity developed in our youth is also different from adult onset obesity. There is no one solution.

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