Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Input Cycle - concept only

It seems we go through a cycle of sorts; appetite, the desire to eat; through a eating phase; and life where a number of stimuli create an appetite in time. The OA program helps identify and/or reduce those stimuli (we still need to address those issues), but there are still those chemical stimuli within the body that must be dealt with. Removal of sugar, grain, and omega 6 are a big portion of that.

We, the obese, are a subset of the population who have been naturally selected, largely due out food choices, lifestyle, genes, and time. We may be hyper sensitive to stimulus or blunt to signaling. I do not know which. 

We exist at a time of excess, and exposure to conditions to stimulate appetite. We and others know how to engineer food for palatability, to largely stimulate appetite, and we want more much of the time.

One of the choices is to philosophically go back to a time where availability and cost controlled the food choices, as with Paleo or locavore, with no sugars, grains or O6. We can limit our choices.

Meat available in the stores has become excessively lean. Regular hamburger has become hard to find. I need more fat meats, not stuff trimmed to no visible fats, that leaves me hungry. 

Stating the obvious is required. My memory is getting real bad. I need to write everything down to remember thing to the next day. Is this diet related, or just age or time of day. I do not know.

Remember that the insulin curve follows the glucose curve but is delayed in phase, so on which is the brain queuing off? Glucose, leptin or insulin, neither or all? Fat egress from fat cells occurs mainly when the insulin is lower, and blood FFA concentration is lower than the cell FFA concentration (diffusion), so there are at least two control conditions. Hunger indicates the gut likes a bit of fat. Insulin/BG deals with the energy appetite stimulus provides. But what do I know.

Perhaps, as Dr. Davis alluded to, "it is time to make glue".

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  1. Your comment on a recent post of mine prompted me to look again at the lowering blood sugar theme, based on some interesting experiences in the last couple of weeks:


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