Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Redundant Questions

This AM, Dr. Sharma once again raises the red flag with  Do we have a choice but to treat the youth? But in order treat the youth, they must first be able to treat the adults. The success the governments have at treating obesity is minimal, largely due to there moderation approach, ELMM, inconsistent and often wrong methods addressing the wrong problems. People who have a few pounds to lose cannot be compared with the grossly obese, what ever the politically correct term is. One size fits all is a wasted effort. The grossly obese need a major change in lifestyle to correct the problem. There is no use in arguing with an idiot.

The government must first recognize the other experts that do not follow the Canada good food guide, and instead treat insulin resistance, carbohydrate intolerance, metabolic syndrome, T2D and the like with a low carbohydrate diet of some ilk. There are a bunch of bacteria which some of us support that produce dopamine that feed off carbohydrates. Feed them and we become addicted; starve them out and we are near normal until we eat a carbohydrate rich meal, and the addiction returns. Such is life with food addiction.

There is another group of processes that cause an issue with excess omega 6 oils in many of us, and gluetin is another issue.

The cost of the medical intervention is massive: we have little choice than to deal with the root cause, the government promoting the wrong food plan since the Keys fraud. Paleo is the way to go, avoiding sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, and all new foods. Trans fats start life as omega 6 oils. It is difficult to gain weight on real food, without the  empty calories of starch rich foods. Watch the quantities of real foods with a caloric density above 0.5 calories/gram. Every thing else is just not food.

No SGO6, honey badger attitude.

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