Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Food Industry Disinformation.

Today I see that the popular media is reporting on a new "Coke does not cause obesity" study. This is what I have come to think of as disinformation. These are marketing slogans, statement that sound like facts but are really at best are marketing slogans or outright falsehoods.

Artificial sweeteners trigger the release of cephalic phase insulin if we have any. Insulin is released in three phases; basal, cephalic, and postprandial. (names vary) (see Dr. R. Bernstein for more details) The cephalic phase is released on the ingestion of sweet foods, based on taste. From the taste, we cannot tell which we are tasting, sugar or artificial sweetener. If you think insulin is the enemy, artificial sweetener should be on the poisonous heap of foods.

Healthy whole grain is a similar marketing slogan that is often taken as fact. Grain has a high caloric density, close to 4.0 for dry grain, a low nutritional density, close to olive oil. There is no reason to eat grain, and two reasons no to eat grain. After processing, it becomes a great tasting slow doses dependent poison. It has become even higher in caloric density and lower in nutrition with chemical fertilizers, selective breeding,  and other modifications including GMO. (see Dr. Davis, Heart Scan Blog)

As a youth, I fed grain to hogs. Most of the time now, I just think of grain in any form as hog food, and any desire to eat the stuff just goes.

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  1. Yes, I agree, you see one misleading statement or bold faced lie after another. I remember seeing a nutritionist on TV(yes she was a nutritionist) talking about how whole grains were very good for you because, after all, our stone age ancestors ate plenty of whole grains! Wrong! they ate meat and as much fat as they could get their hands on! I wonder if this nutritionist has ever heard of gluten - and how much that has devastated lives.


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